Out Campaign & Judges

Lord Rose is just another one whose values depend on who he was talking to last. What is about some of these people at the top, why are they such hypocrites; what happens to their principles.

Why on earth would he align himself with Blair and Mandelson, two men who are more than economical with the truth. This act alone would destroy any credibility he has, in fact he probably has already done that by doing such a U turn.

The yes campaign  have no argument other than to produce scurrilous lies about what will happen to us if we leave. These are the people who call us, the indigenous population, quitters.

By the way we have more than our fair share of murderers, rapists, paedophile and burglars on our streets running wild and that is because we are actually in the EU.

They are ready to have us subjugated by the EU and Germany (one and the same thing) because they have no faith in England, but why should they; part and parcel of the EU is to decimate England which is what they are desperately trying to do.

Call us quitters if you will but treachery is by far greater charge and they are guilty of it.

What are Judges doing, like policemen they are there to uphold the law and not to make it. It is said that they are drawn from left wing chambers and as such are unrepresentative; but isn’t that true of most left wing politicians; when have they actually represented the people.

The judges would be better taking umbrage with the police who have decided that innocent until proven guilty is no longer the case in this country, but there again they probably agree with them, they obey their masters overseas.

Its hard to believe, but what is it about the left that they hate their country so much. The more these people have the worse they are, nothing will ever affect them and they know it. Thank God for the bulk of the indigenous population who are full of common-sense and love their country.

If Judges and self important actors want to put their oar in then get elected , otherwise shut up. Benedict Cumberbatch uses the media to say I would like to talk to May about immigration. Such arrogance, who the hell is he; Theresa May should tell him to get elected and not demean herself by talking to him.

Vote UKIP the only party that truly represents us.


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