Such hypocrisy

Three generations under one roof, what a fallacy. Much is now made about new homes, but what is not said is the fact that these new homes will most certainly be the usual boxes. Just enough room for two adults, one child and an oversize bathroom for the second child. Quite often too, nowhere to put anything other than the roof or garage.

For this the average developer will command an inordinate price. As for building the homes is it any wonder that towns and villages are dead set against these developments.

If they selected lets say 30  homes for each town and village to be built, and in accordance with the local architecture,  built too so that they have enough room for a family to grow up in, then there would be less hassle.

Cameron ensconced with Merkel and Hollande, just like Ed, hacked off and leveson, up to no good.

Leveson seeks to limit press freedom after 300 years because some whatsit doesn’t like being caught with his trousers down, and Cameron, despite the fact that The EU is an unelected totalitarian state and failing too, is determined to keep us in.

This isn’t about the country, most Tory voters want out, but it is about Cameron; Like some spoiled schoolboy he probably goes home at night stamps his foot and keeps saying but I want to stay in, but I want to stay in. Just like the gay marriage he will totally ignore the peoples wishes and what is right for England.

We now have a Tory government who wants us to be subjugated by Germany, despite the fact that millions died to us keep us free. What is worse is a Marxist opposition who will clearly sell us out to our enemies. From the top down they believe in violence whilst ensuring that we will not be able to defends ourselves when the time comes.

Condoning the foul act of spitting in someone’s tea is nothing more than an indication of what is to come, the BNP are insignificant when it comes to sheer nastiness. Any moderate Labour man who goes along with this Marxist government should hang their heads in shame.

This then is the time to vote UKIP, remember they are the only party that represents the indigenous population. The others want to see England wiped out once and for all.


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