Cameron’s conference speech was all about telling us what he thought we needed to know. I sincerely hope that people will not be fooled by this tissue of lies and deceit.

He has one thing in mind and that is to bind us to the EU whatever that takes, despite the fact that it is a failing so called super state.

Just like gay marriages, you do wonder what hold people have on him?

We have just been called ‘quitters’ can you imagine being called quitters by those who are by definition traitors!

A person who is not loyal or stops being loyal to their own country

These are the people who want us to be subjugated to an unelected regime of people , loyal only to Germany, and they call themselves patriots!  Millions died so that Germany could be put back in it’s box and here we are again,   Our politicians and corporate business working together because it suits them and not our country.

Drive down wages and flood our country with anyone they can get over our so called borders, that is what they are about.

We had them in the Second World War, politicians and some of the upper class bowled over by Hitler, ready to betray us, thank God for the real Britain’s men and women.

Neither the Tory Party or that Fascist infantile  party that used to be called a labour movement can be trusted.

Vote UKIP a party that truly represents us, a party of patriots.



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