Cameron our despicable and detestable PM

TreacheryCameron our Prime Minister, stood next to  Obama and proceeded to threatened Britain!!

 What a fool he is if he thinks that a man like Obama, who has demonstrated his dislike of Britain will frighten us.

How dare this man come to our country and try intimidate  us. Cameron too has truly gone overboard in going along with this.

MPs should now put their country first and gather together 50 names to declare a no confidence vote for a Prime Minister who is trying to terrorise  his country.

Obama is the man who removed the bust of Winston Churchill and sent it back. In the meantime he replaced it with a bust of Martin Luther King.

Obama Cameron

Obama is the man who went right out of his way to drive BP into the ground. He hates us all right. He sees the Queen because his wife likes it and its good for his image; and that is all.

This referendum is now rigged.

Cameron has separated his party, and lost his activists. Now he has separated the country because we can no longer rely on a fair vote; as such we cannot accept it. The end result of this will be a disconnection between the ‘remain and leave party’.

Because it is rigged there will be a reluctance to accept it and a true possibility of violence.

 That is what Cameron has done  to this country.




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