The sniveling hypocrisy of the Americans

hypocritesEx United States treasury secretaries have the audacity of telling the British Public to throw away their sovereignty and subject themselves to an undemocratic, unelected regimes across the water.

George Shultz, Michael Blumenthal,  Robert Rubin,  Lawrence Summers,  Paul O’Neill, John Snow,  Henry Paulson, Jr.  and Timothy Geithner.

Just who the hell are they to tell us what to do and why should we listen to these hypocrites, Obama too. We should be aware that whatever the Americans do, they first look at how it will affect them. The Americans are fair-weather friends and cannot be trusted. They are the most arrogant nation on earth and presumptuous to the utmost degree.

What irks me most is the bewailing from our Prime Minister and his denouncing of Britain, constantly belittling us, telling us that we cannot survives outside as a democracy and above all using the Americans to pour their scorn upon us.

obama hypocrite

We are now seeing the true side of the Tory Party, we now know where the real “Bastards”  are, they are in government and on the side of Big Banks, Corporate companies and overall vested interests; they are not on the side of the British people

Cameron and his followers are totally and utterly disgusting. Cameron is a liar and seems to be proud of it. Having supported the Tory Party all of my life I would now support ANY means to get them out of office.

We need a new party UKIP or a combination of people who believe in Britain. We must wipe out the Tories whatever it takes, there are least four million votes out there, no one should vote for the treacherous Tory party at the next election.

Further to this, the Tory party is wholly intent on subjecting us to an absolutely massive immigration; we are now under threat.

Vote for sovereignty and vote for our country. The Tory Party are about giving our country to Islam; don’t let them.


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