Corbyn, Dianne Abbott.

There is no doubt about it words come back to haunt you.

Jeremy Corbyn has been a consistent terrorist sympathiser from the word go, even to the extent of inviting chiefs of the IRA to parliament after they had tried to decimate our government.

He has expressed his horror at the bombings! what a hypocritical, twisted warped mind he must have. He and other Marxists believe that terrorists are nothing but heroic freedom fighters against oppressive states.

This is the man who would not condemn the IRA despite the fact that they murdered over 3,000 British citizens.

today even, we have ex paratroopers taken to task as a result of a political enquiry set up by the master of hypocrisy Blair’s labour party. Every one knows that it was Martin who fired the first shot; may he rot in hell.

As for Dianne Abbott hoping for a IRA victory saying

‘every defeat of the British State is a victory for all of us’

since then she has called us racists and a few other choice names.

What has gone wrong with this country where people are prepared to vote in Marxist leaders, and terrorist sympathisers whose main aim in life is to destroy us. Above all Corbyn is supported by Libdems, Green Party and others!

We are now surrounded by traitors and it is about time we did something about it.

The bomb in Manchester is nothing more than an evil barbaric act, words fail to convey how people really feel about it. Islam has brought a great evil in to our fair country. You can be sure that it will not be the others faiths who robbed children of their future by blowing themselves up.

The police have made it clear just how many fifth columnists are ready to bring more death to our streets and yet the government still let them carry on. Imams too, evil in thought and deed still abound in our society,  disengaged with our way of life.

Every fifth columnists should be rounded up along with their families, passports taken away and send them off. You can bet your life that they all have two passports, however, they could still be put on an Island some to contemplate their ways. The truth is they will carry on trying to murder us whilst lapping up all that we give them. We need a totally right wing government.



Intimidating Solicitors, leisurely and sloppy too

I have come to the conclusion that this exactly what many of these people do. I know someone whose divorce seems endless and why? it is because the divorce solicitors seem to forget whose side they are on, forgetting that they are being paid to bring about a reasonable resolution.

People are afraid to complain to their solicitor because every and any complaint or request costs more and more money, and will they drop them if they complain?

You have one solicitor, maybe two or even three or most likely a clerk, who jots down every second of your time. Are they looking after your interests, one can only hope.

Each divorce solicitor takes ample time, sometimes one or two weeks to respond to a simple request ensuring that their client has to come to them again and again adding more and more to their big and over flowing pot.

The response by these people to their client really is quite pathetic, even when a client has requested that the solicitor contacts them and yet is totally  ignored! this is not is not unusual, this is where they are intimidating.

They are in a world of their own and care only for how much money they screw the customer for; the modern day double glazing man.

Where is the justice if one of the couples is severely disadvantaged financially  by looking after someone who needs full time caring, not only that but paying a substantial rent whilst the other stays in the home!

We are aware that matrimonial property is supposedly divided equally but are the solicitors aware of it!

 what about non-matrimonial property, for example where a substantial input of money is brought in by one of the divorces, especially if it is a short marriage.

I am at odds with solicitors who procrastinate and do not seek to look after their clients interests, making it very difficult for the divorce to come to an expeditious end


Theresa and Europes enemies

Luxemburg’s little drunken Jean- Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier are quite clearly the enemies of Great Britain.

Hitler and his cohorts tried to frighten us but it didn’t happen, so why should we worry about them!

Thanks to the character of the people of Great Britain who held out until America Joined us, we choked off his attempt to make us deferential to the German people. If it wasn’t for us where would Europe be now.

Have they learned, no they have not.

Are we now going to be frightened by Merkel, Juncker and Barnier. Not a chance, they can go and get stuffed. We can do the same thing to Farron of the Liberal Party (who now sides with our external enemies) and the BBC in order to run down Britain.

During the last war we would hang them, treachery deserves nothing else. 

Thank God we have Theresa May she should note that she will not be forgiven if she rolls over and gives the EU billions.

These people are corrupt, licentious call it what you may. They have squandered our money in every way possible. Give them nothing and they will collapse like a pack of cards.

Their demands on our courts is more than arrogant, we have managed to hang on for a thousand years or more using our own system and we do not need their bill of rights either.

So don’t threaten us because you are wasting your time. walk away Theresa, that would be a real threat.

While you are at it pull the treacherous BBC apart and send the lefties out in the real world where they cannot sponge of the taxpayers.

Danuta Hubna

Danuta states that we can be stripped of our language by the EU; how idiotic and foolish can you be,  English has now become by default the language of the world.

Stick to Polish Danuta at least we will all know what you are talking about via the EU’s interpreter.

She mentions that we have to respect the EU and their values; someone should tell her that you have to earn respect and as for values why should anyone value a dictatorial organisation like the EU.

The EU ignored Ireland’s rejection in 2008, and Frances rejection of the Lisbon treaty. Athen’s voted by 61% to 39% to reject the EU’s policy on austerity all of which was ignored by the EU and they talk about values!

They wouldn’t know democracy if it landed on their heads.

I am sick of  being threatened by a corrupt organisation like the EU, I see them as the enemies of Britain and no matter how well we do as a country the EU has it moles in England (not forgetting our establishment)  ready to do us down; that really sickens me.

We can but hope that Marine La Penn becomes the leader of France because the unacceptable face of capitalism is well entrenched, particularly here in England where people are being sucked dry right left and centre.

Quite rightly Farage should be recognised for his efforts; and given a knighthood.

 He was tireless in his efforts to bring democracy and our sovereignty back to Britain. Despite the establishment, capitalism and the ever disgusting EU he managed it to do it.

He deserves a knighthood and the Queen should make that known.

He has given her back the commonwealth and sovereignty (if Theresa May has the guts to carry it through) something the Queen has always valued.

Labour party and Brexit

Keir Starmer on the Andrew Marr show had the audacity to send his felicitations to the murdered PC’s family on behalf of him and other MPs!

As for the MPs themselves it was their total inability to front and deal with radical Muslims in this country, to the point  where they elevated Islam religion over and above Christianity; which is this Country’s religion.  This is still going on and is why we need a strong right wing patriotic party; we can no longer rely on the current political establishment.

It was the Labour party who welcomed most heartily the multiculturism  ideology and the deliberate damage it caused to this country, you were classed as racist if you disagreed with them.

 Everything the Labour party does has the propensity to damage the well being of England. They have shamed the party of old and have gone so far to the left that you now have to question their motives.

Starmer’s 6 key tests, it is nothing more than another Labour and Liberals strategy to block Brexit, traitors all of them.

It is a pity that the concept of shame has by-passed virtually all MPs; a sign of the time. Now it is money, money and more money and what can I do to give myself status.

The people said OUT and May had better keep this in mind. We have and are still giving too much money away and that includes sending benefit money overseas to families.

UKIP should look hard at what needs to be done, get the right people on board and stop the internal arguments, this way we can at least be the second party. Not many people will vote for traitors even though the word traitor in parliament has been consigned to the rubbish tip.


His article today is the whole truth and nothing the truth, so help me God.

Multiculturalism doesn’t work it is pernicious and once again we have to thank the labour party and Blair in particular. This party has done so much damage to Britain, supported in many ways by the liberals; yet people still vote for them!.

That we are under attack is virtually the fault of the politicians, it is their inability to see what is before their eyes and act accordingly. They would rather show how humanitarian they are by dealing with this evil in the same way they would deal with an errant schoolboy.

In my book, (finished in 2000) Sir, We Are At War I dealt with Muslim radicals and their so called martyrs. In their subsequent attack I showed how easy it was to get past the system. Now it is easier still and the security services are under tremendous pressure, bearing that in mind they are doing a marvellous job.

The real problem in this once great country is, for the most part,  the pathetic little men who call themselves MPs and leaders who are not fit to lead. In my last post I saw fit to castigate them for lauding their praise for McGuiness, the Irish mass murderer; how revolting. 

Our politicians, police too have lionised Islam whilst kicking Christianity into the grass. Now they tell us that Islam is so wonderful and peace-loving and they are not responsible for murder!!

So who is butchering men women and children, is it the Jewish nation,  Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism perhaps, no it is Islam and those who adhere to it. So I suggest that politicians and police and certain aspects of media come down to earth. You saw what happened on the Brexit vote when you treated the public with such disdain.

Muslims now treat us like fools, understandably, when we are governed by those who protect Islam and terrorist apologists.

Subjugation is the name of the game and those who supposed to protect us are far to often in bondage to Islam, one way or another.

We have over 3,000 jihadist swanning around with more or less dispensation unless they actually carry out a crime. Each one of these should have their passport taken away and be sent to ISIS with their families.

I am sure that we are all sick of these people sponging of us and taking all we have to offer whilst attempting to butcher Christians and others.

Civil war is just around the corner and that is not alarmist, it is a fact of life. The security people should be supported in every way; they cannot check every one of these people out. Like the man said;

 “The buck stops here” 

Islam and radical Muslims

We have just seen the left in this country bow their heads in deference to the death of an evil man, a butcher called Mcguiness.

In Ireland they held up candles and mourned him, how bloody typical. McGuiness, like the fanatics who carried out this recent attack in Parliament Square was nothing more than a evil man imbued with an ideological hatred of democracy and was prepared to murder every man woman and child who didn’t support his views.

Unlike Christians who see God as a means to peace and tranquillity Muslims attribute him to violence and retribution and they call us unbelievers!

The plain and simple fact is that they have no place in our society or in any non Muslim society. Wherever they go they have caused violence and offence, which is why no one wants them around.

Our government and the left have more than tolerated them, they have allowed them rape girls and attack others with impunity, something the police or others would not tolerate if it was an indigenous person.

There are no go areas where the indigenous population has been forced out of their area. Those in charge are very fond of saying this is rubbish but we all know that it actually true.

The policeman who died doing his job could have been alive had he a gun. He should not have had to deal with this situation without one. It is about time we realised that they should be shot down without compunction. There will be platitudes but the poor man has gone and his family will mourn his passing.

Every man (I have said this time and time again) who has gone out to fight then come back should immediately lose his British passport and be sent back to his country of origin along with his family. To hell with the courts and bill of rights, protect the people.

Farage warned what would happen with Jihadists but as usual  we and he had to contend with the bleeding hearts MPs and others; now look at the results.

We need a right wing party with common sense, a patriotic party who will put the people first and get rid of the evil in our midst. 


Martin McGuinness

The Eulogy begins, BBC , Sky News and this is just the beginning this man was responsible for thousands of deaths. His campaign started long before he became an IRA commander.

Remember the Omaha bombing, six children dead, a mother expecting twins a total of 29 people.

18 British Paras ambushed and killed; my own Battalion.

Bloody Friday 19 bombs in Belfast, 9 people dead,, and so it went on, the mutilated were swept up and taken away.

Bloody Sunday 13 killed by the Parachute Regiment, but everyone knew that it was McGuinness who used his machine gun to fire the first shot. Blair set up an enquiry using the Lord Chief Justice but soon he succumbed to all of the lies that came out of Ireland and set up an enquiry which cost us 200 million yet set out a letter which virtually exonerated the IRA killers.

Today we are still persecuting those men who put their lives on the line. Every good soldiers knows that it is a case of “wheel the guilty bastards in Sergeant Major” there only ever going to be one ending to that enquiry. 

I have no doubt that the Devil came up to meet Martin. His family should ponder the lives and the hearts of the families he tore apart whilst protecting his own

The house of cards

Baroness D’Souza dropped her investigation into peers ripping of taxpayers on the basis that she didn’t want to name and shame! Why? and why should she be allowed to get away with this blatant excuse.

The house of Lords is another establishment whose sole aim is to make money by any means possible whilst denying the electors a say in how their country should be run

demolish them now and put a select few who can stay awake and cut out this attendance allowance which is nothing more than gross.

Philip Hammond has managed to make a pigs ear on his first budget by attacking the self employed in what is nothing more a ruthless attack on entrepreneurship. What a totally misguided Chancellor he is or maybe is just another remain mole, that will make two.

Nigel Farage should go all out to castigate Cameron’s Tory party for their corruption tactics and if he succeeds in a new election and becomes an MP he should then stand; after which he should take over UKIP as a new leader; he has been solely missed.

This academic ‘whatsit’ in the USA who is attacking Englands Rugby song of Swing Low, is clearly seeking some sort of fame.

Go away if you think you are going to suppress over 70,000 fans from singing then you clearly have a lot to learn.

Brexit now and keep hold our money, taxpayers have been ripped off from Europe and the greedy in this country for long enough.

I have been horrified by information received about some Divorce Lawyers in England. Despite the fact that they are employed to represent someone in a divorce case, the chances are that you will have to keep at them for relevant information, by continually ringing them or emailing, in which case you are charged a percentage of their fee and believe me this adds up, nice work if you can get it. The Daily Mail or Telegraph should investigate this

Theresa May should do two things, Brexit now and protect our interest and call of her Chancellor’s attack on people who are vital to this country

Unpatriotic Lords

The second reading at the Lords today should not inflict a defeat on the government of the day. They do not have a mandate to dismiss the rights of voters, especially when most of them are asleep.


Can I get my 300 pounds now, it has been a hard day sitting on my backside.images.jpg

Of course collect your 300 pounds on the way out of your subsidised restaurant.article-1348454-0CCFDCEC000005DC-333_468x286.jpg

Get rid of the Lords now, they are nothing more than a bunch of  graspers who humiliate us all