facebook and Elegance

Facebook has a habit of exhibiting old photos etc. Recently they showed my wife again despite the fact she passed away two and a half years ago.

On that photo I said she was elegant. Some came back exactly what do you mean by elegant.

I will try to explain; She carried herself gracefully and was very ladylike. She appreciated who she was and thought elegantly.

One look at her deportment, her head was always up a little, something I used to tease her for but she carried herself well.

She took a lot of pride in herself, she wore skirts just above the knee and not halfway up to her underwear; that’s for schoolgirls.

She looked after her body and a minimum of face makeup, you never knew if she had it on or not and above all a natural coloured lipstick.

She wore elegant and sophisticated clothes and that too set the scene. fabric too was always good.

Despite her figure she never used clothes which revealed to much skin. You never saw her breast from the side or top down and that added to her appeal. She kept being classy and refined

She never swore, used vulgar language or slang and hardly drank.

Yes she was an elegant woman and I miss her.