Corbyn and labour Left wing

Surely it must be Corbyn who should resign, he has continually voted against all legislation to combat home grown terrorism on each and every occasion.

He is a terrorist sympathiser and the mind boggles when you consider the following he has! You wonder how his acolytes would feel if their family were subject to a bomb going off in or around their family. you certainly wouldn’t feel any sympathy for them.

Can you imagine Abbott as Home Secretary with Corbyn as Prime Minister, just look at them

Abbott a woman who showed her allegiance to the IRA when they were murdering British people and Corbyn who has made no secret of the fact that he supports terrorism in every way. Abbott too a woman who does not seem to have a clue of what she is doing and never knows her facts.

What do you think would happen if we ended up with the three of them, the shadow chancellor a man ready to take us back to the seventies when the unions and Labour wrecked our economy and made Britain the sick man of Europe.

Tea and sandwiches for the Union whilst they and Labour in Downing street destroyed this country, now they are back again. The difference now is that there millions who will be prepared to fight them, whatever it takes.

This is not a party, they are the enemies of Britain. At least there were some in the party who realised who and what their leader was.

Do not vote for traitors, there are enough around without having to vote them in.