Left wing and communist apologists

Jeremy Corbyn is now making political point out of the barbaric action just taken place and would you believe it, so to the London Mayor supported by Dick, remember her?  I’m running the operation from a safe location whilst telling people on the ground what to do! an innocent man died there too.

What a total hypocrite Corbyn is, he is a known terrorist supporter and he is trying to place the blame on someone else. Now he advocates killing Jihadists because he is two days away from the election.

It was the New Labour party who saddled us with and supported Islam whilst they established themselves in our cities

What is wrong with our people who are ready to support such a fool, a man who has said on a Leaders debate that

He will not protect Britain if we come under attack.

If by any chance the SNP where in a position to support Corbyn then Scotland would become the enemy of England with all that it entails.

We need a totally right wing government









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