Here lies the fault

The fault clearly for this recent attack lies with the government and the die-hard liberals and labour government in particular.

We have up to 3,000 Islamic radicals in this country who take our money, go of to fight, learn new tactics, come back and spend most of their time plotting to kill us.

What do we do, the answer is nothing. In my book ‘Sir, We Are At War’ I made it clear there that terrorists will find an easy way to wreak vengeance on us, and they have.


I also made it very clear that the security services were banging their heads against the wall as a result of pathetic and weak politicians.

We do nothing about these people even when they blatantly rape young girls in our cities or walk our streets.

The guilt for this recent act of barbarity lies firmly at the feet of government and apologists.

We need a totally right wing government and to get out of that monstrous organisation called the EU.

Take note we are not protected, they would rather harass our troops and send them to prison than deal with Islamic radicals. Are we surprised that we cannot get military recruits to sign up.


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