Theresa and Europes enemies

Luxemburg’s little drunken Jean- Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier are quite clearly the enemies of Great Britain.

Hitler and his cohorts tried to frighten us but it didn’t happen, so why should we worry about them!

Thanks to the character of the people of Great Britain who held out until America Joined us, we choked off his attempt to make us deferential to the German people. If it wasn’t for us where would Europe be now.

Have they learned, no they have not.

Are we now going to be frightened by Merkel, Juncker and Barnier. Not a chance, they can go and get stuffed. We can do the same thing to Farron of the Liberal Party (who now sides with our external enemies) and the BBC in order to run down Britain.

During the last war we would hang them, treachery deserves nothing else. 

Thank God we have Theresa May she should note that she will not be forgiven if she rolls over and gives the EU billions.

These people are corrupt, licentious call it what you may. They have squandered our money in every way possible. Give them nothing and they will collapse like a pack of cards.

Their demands on our courts is more than arrogant, we have managed to hang on for a thousand years or more using our own system and we do not need their bill of rights either.

So don’t threaten us because you are wasting your time. walk away Theresa, that would be a real threat.

While you are at it pull the treacherous BBC apart and send the lefties out in the real world where they cannot sponge of the taxpayers.


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