Labour party and Brexit

Keir Starmer on the Andrew Marr show had the audacity to send his felicitations to the murdered PC’s family on behalf of him and other MPs!

As for the MPs themselves it was their total inability to front and deal with radical Muslims in this country, to the point  where they elevated Islam religion over and above Christianity; which is this Country’s religion.  This is still going on and is why we need a strong right wing patriotic party; we can no longer rely on the current political establishment.

It was the Labour party who welcomed most heartily the multiculturism  ideology and the deliberate damage it caused to this country, you were classed as racist if you disagreed with them.

 Everything the Labour party does has the propensity to damage the well being of England. They have shamed the party of old and have gone so far to the left that you now have to question their motives.

Starmer’s 6 key tests, it is nothing more than another Labour and Liberals strategy to block Brexit, traitors all of them.

It is a pity that the concept of shame has by-passed virtually all MPs; a sign of the time. Now it is money, money and more money and what can I do to give myself status.

The people said OUT and May had better keep this in mind. We have and are still giving too much money away and that includes sending benefit money overseas to families.

UKIP should look hard at what needs to be done, get the right people on board and stop the internal arguments, this way we can at least be the second party. Not many people will vote for traitors even though the word traitor in parliament has been consigned to the rubbish tip.


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