His article today is the whole truth and nothing the truth, so help me God.

Multiculturalism doesn’t work it is pernicious and once again we have to thank the labour party and Blair in particular. This party has done so much damage to Britain, supported in many ways by the liberals; yet people still vote for them!.

That we are under attack is virtually the fault of the politicians, it is their inability to see what is before their eyes and act accordingly. They would rather show how humanitarian they are by dealing with this evil in the same way they would deal with an errant schoolboy.

In my book, (finished in 2000) Sir, We Are At War I dealt with Muslim radicals and their so called martyrs. In their subsequent attack I showed how easy it was to get past the system. Now it is easier still and the security services are under tremendous pressure, bearing that in mind they are doing a marvellous job.

The real problem in this once great country is, for the most part,  the pathetic little men who call themselves MPs and leaders who are not fit to lead. In my last post I saw fit to castigate them for lauding their praise for McGuiness, the Irish mass murderer; how revolting. 

Our politicians, police too have lionised Islam whilst kicking Christianity into the grass. Now they tell us that Islam is so wonderful and peace-loving and they are not responsible for murder!!

So who is butchering men women and children, is it the Jewish nation,  Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism perhaps, no it is Islam and those who adhere to it. So I suggest that politicians and police and certain aspects of media come down to earth. You saw what happened on the Brexit vote when you treated the public with such disdain.

Muslims now treat us like fools, understandably, when we are governed by those who protect Islam and terrorist apologists.

Subjugation is the name of the game and those who supposed to protect us are far to often in bondage to Islam, one way or another.

We have over 3,000 jihadist swanning around with more or less dispensation unless they actually carry out a crime. Each one of these should have their passport taken away and be sent to ISIS with their families.

I am sure that we are all sick of these people sponging of us and taking all we have to offer whilst attempting to butcher Christians and others.

Civil war is just around the corner and that is not alarmist, it is a fact of life. The security people should be supported in every way; they cannot check every one of these people out. Like the man said;

 “The buck stops here” 


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