Islam and radical Muslims

We have just seen the left in this country bow their heads in deference to the death of an evil man, a butcher called Mcguiness.

In Ireland they held up candles and mourned him, how bloody typical. McGuiness, like the fanatics who carried out this recent attack in Parliament Square was nothing more than a evil man imbued with an ideological hatred of democracy and was prepared to murder every man woman and child who didn’t support his views.

Unlike Christians who see God as a means to peace and tranquillity Muslims attribute him to violence and retribution and they call us unbelievers!

The plain and simple fact is that they have no place in our society or in any non Muslim society. Wherever they go they have caused violence and offence, which is why no one wants them around.

Our government and the left have more than tolerated them, they have allowed them rape girls and attack others with impunity, something the police or others would not tolerate if it was an indigenous person.

There are no go areas where the indigenous population has been forced out of their area. Those in charge are very fond of saying this is rubbish but we all know that it actually true.

The policeman who died doing his job could have been alive had he a gun. He should not have had to deal with this situation without one. It is about time we realised that they should be shot down without compunction. There will be platitudes but the poor man has gone and his family will mourn his passing.

Every man (I have said this time and time again) who has gone out to fight then come back should immediately lose his British passport and be sent back to his country of origin along with his family. To hell with the courts and bill of rights, protect the people.

Farage warned what would happen with Jihadists but as usual  we and he had to contend with the bleeding hearts MPs and others; now look at the results.

We need a right wing party with common sense, a patriotic party who will put the people first and get rid of the evil in our midst. 



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