Martin McGuinness

The Eulogy begins, BBC , Sky News and this is just the beginning this man was responsible for thousands of deaths. His campaign started long before he became an IRA commander.

Remember the Omaha bombing, six children dead, a mother expecting twins a total of 29 people.

18 British Paras ambushed and killed; my own Battalion.

Bloody Friday 19 bombs in Belfast, 9 people dead,, and so it went on, the mutilated were swept up and taken away.

Bloody Sunday 13 killed by the Parachute Regiment, but everyone knew that it was McGuinness who used his machine gun to fire the first shot. Blair set up an enquiry using the Lord Chief Justice but soon he succumbed to all of the lies that came out of Ireland and set up an enquiry which cost us 200 million yet set out a letter which virtually exonerated the IRA killers.

Today we are still persecuting those men who put their lives on the line. Every good soldiers knows that it is a case of “wheel the guilty bastards in Sergeant Major” there only ever going to be one ending to that enquiry. 

I have no doubt that the Devil came up to meet Martin. His family should ponder the lives and the hearts of the families he tore apart whilst protecting his own


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