The house of cards

Baroness D’Souza dropped her investigation into peers ripping of taxpayers on the basis that she didn’t want to name and shame! Why? and why should she be allowed to get away with this blatant excuse.

The house of Lords is another establishment whose sole aim is to make money by any means possible whilst denying the electors a say in how their country should be run

demolish them now and put a select few who can stay awake and cut out this attendance allowance which is nothing more than gross.

Philip Hammond has managed to make a pigs ear on his first budget by attacking the self employed in what is nothing more a ruthless attack on entrepreneurship. What a totally misguided Chancellor he is or maybe is just another remain mole, that will make two.

Nigel Farage should go all out to castigate Cameron’s Tory party for their corruption tactics and if he succeeds in a new election and becomes an MP he should then stand; after which he should take over UKIP as a new leader; he has been solely missed.

This academic ‘whatsit’ in the USA who is attacking Englands Rugby song of Swing Low, is clearly seeking some sort of fame.

Go away if you think you are going to suppress over 70,000 fans from singing then you clearly have a lot to learn.

Brexit now and keep hold our money, taxpayers have been ripped off from Europe and the greedy in this country for long enough.

I have been horrified by information received about some Divorce Lawyers in England. Despite the fact that they are employed to represent someone in a divorce case, the chances are that you will have to keep at them for relevant information, by continually ringing them or emailing, in which case you are charged a percentage of their fee and believe me this adds up, nice work if you can get it. The Daily Mail or Telegraph should investigate this

Theresa May should do two things, Brexit now and protect our interest and call of her Chancellor’s attack on people who are vital to this country


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