A Christian country

Slowly but surely Christianity Is being squeezed out all under the heading of other religion’s taking offence, particularly Islam.

Well I am taking offence, in fact I am very offended and it is about time that we make it very clear to those concerned.

The left and their followers are intent on breaking down our society by any means possible  destroying marriage, the cornerstone of all society, and above all eliminating freedom of speech.  

‘Multiculturism, another evil but effective tool designed to hasten the loss of our identity, rammed down our throats by a Labour party and its hacks.

The Christian faith is continually undermined and we cannot rely on the Church to save Christianity. For those who say I am not a Christian, then take a good look around and see the alternative.

It goes on and on, crack a joke, make an innocent remark, pass a justifiable comment express a religious opinion and you can find yourself being dragged through a court or tribunal. There you will most likely be publicly berated and humiliated by the very people who were once there to protect your interests.

Like the Soviets of old you can now be punished for not conforming to Party ideology. Families forced to suffer humiliation by default and young children branded and cowed into submission.

Ironically it has been one part of the system of government that has been the most efficient for as planned people have become afraid to speak or argue a case for fear of being hauled before the courts with its subsequent results for all of the family.

There you have it, tyranny, subjugation suppression of Dissenters, dehumanising, the list goes on and on, none of it spontaneous but a deliberate long-term plan to break down the social and moral fabric of England so that it could be rebuilt to the new order. New Fascism the New Reich.

We are now ruled by the minority, take the gender issue, it all comes under the heading of idiocy. Today it is gender; tomorrow some twit will take offence at dogs having a pee in the park and so it goes on. Where are the people with common sense who can tell these people to get a life.

We need more than ever a true patriotic right-wing party, unfortunately Nigel Farage left UKIP far to soon.


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