Iraq witch-hunt has now come to an end; Michael Fallon is now waxing lyrical about it, the truth is it has taken so long, he should have taken the bull by the horn and ended it.

Now we have the debacle of Northern Ireland police doing the same thing. The IRA butchered men women and children, around and about 3,000 people and apart from the odd couple they have got away with it.

I am surprised that Ireland and IRA haven’t awarded Tony Blair and his scurrilous party a medal for saving so many IRA murderers from their due fate.

Fallon should stop this persecution right now and the MOD and civil servants who allowed this to happen should be torn apart and restored with patriots.

As for Shiner, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal did nothing what so ever to pull him back, they have joined the nation of double glazing salesmen only in this instance they perpetuated the destruction of soldiers lives.

Shiner along with his compatriots should lose his money and assets in total; it should then be shared with each and every soldier he persecuted,, however, the truth he will get a silly sentence, plead guilty and come in half the time and go off to spend his ill gotten gains.

Fallon states that he has no influence with the courts, tell that to the Brexiteers. The simple fact is it should never have gone that far. The European Convention on Human Rights is a complete and utter farce and has already ruined countless lives and we should not be in it.

Soldiers should now be given the chance to sue en mass the MOD for perverting the course of justice by accepting, what was clearly lies and using those lies to hound troops.

We can now see that we need a complete appraisal on our justice system, which very few people  believe in anymore and start filling our parliament with true patriots. Stop filling it with school boys and the legal profession. We need people with some gravitas, wisdom and above all common sense.

The left have taken a hold  in the establishment, we need to get the right and far right in power to enable this country to prosper. We have seen that the left’s tirade against the right is a complete misnomer. When it come down to viciousness and hounding people it is always the left who are at the forefront; bear this in mind.  


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