Abandonment and foolish MPs

First of all Sergeant Blackman’s camp was and is disgrace on the Marine officers and above all on the senior military personnel who put him and his men in this invidious position.

Further to this we have a government (Labour and Tory) who practice witch hunts against British soldiers. Nothing has been done to protect them in the field from nasty little solicitors out to make a buck.

It is time for the judges to do something right for once, let Sergeant Blackman out and put in the murderers walking our street in gay abandon.

Commons peers told don’t dare block Brexit? I have a better idea the commons are full of hangers on and rubbish people, particularly the Liberals; abolish it now and put in selected people with a wide range of expertise; 50 should be enough and ensure they do a days work. Getting three hundred pounds for signing in is a complete and utter joke, that too should be abolished.

The indefensible foreign aid budget has gone far beyond a joke. NHS and particularly mental health is suffering to the point of absurdity due to lack of funds yet we are sending vast mounts on foreign aid to some of the richest countries on earth.

looking after the Chinese elderly whilst we castigate our elderly, blaming them for our problems instead of blaming the inexorable rise in immigration which has devastated our services.

Where are the MPs why are they not ‘raising the roof’ in parliament. Two to two and a half billion pounds is enough, particularly when we have to borrow it to give away.

This without doubt is a most disgusting affair  and should be stopped right now, right now.

We have the most pathetic MPs in the developed world, we are almost totally devoid of Statesmen.

We need a party of patriots full of commonsense, Britain first.


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