Theresa May

Theresa May has been led by the nose since gaining power. The people gave her a mandate to take us out of that foul organisation and she fluffed it allowing all sorts of anti-democratic fools to weigh in.

She and the others will pay the price at the next election, the general public know traitors when they see them.

Nigel Farage gave his all to give us this opportunity to vote and the only reason he didn’t get into parliament last time was as a result of corruption at the highest level, corruption which has been ignored.

We have a civil service, judiciary and establishment which most people now agree is now corrupt you can no longer rely on integrity, it no longer exists.

Hope not Hate is now attacking Farage for speaking the truth, it is why they all hate him. As for money what self respecting organisation would take money from the UNIONs who are on record to bring down a democratically elected government.

Farage is also right about politicians being to blame for the death of so many. In this country alone we have cultivated the rise of Islam whilst punishing people for their adherence to Christianity. The police local authorities and many, many MPs turned their back whilst the fifth army was and still is flourishing.

We know who they are and where they are why are we not taking each one of them and their families and send them out of this country. We will not because our government and MPs, are totally gutless or worse still,  involved. We would rather intimidate and punish our soldiers whilst others like the Irish who murdered so many of our people have get out cards.


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