Trump and Brexit

Trump the Republican has become the 46th President of the United States of America.

They said he couldn’t do it but many of us remember that the same was said of Ronald Reagan, the media called him grossly incompetent, without sophistication a third rate movie star, a cowboy etc.
Yet Reagan forged a diplomatic relationship with Gorbachev, Chairman of the Soviet Union, subsequently signing an agreement to eliminate intermediate – range nuclear missiles.

Above all he is remembered for his speech on the Berlin wall

“Tear it Down”

 That is exactly what Gorbachev did, two years later.

So let us not be to hasty on Trump he may well surprise us all. Ok he is a capitalist but let us face we are already subject to capitalism in its worst form. The establishment here in the UK, the EU and America backed by multinationals who have made people’s lives a misery.
It is time for a change and it is coming via the people who are sick of the constant corruption that takes place.

Marine Le Pen will be the next and biggest surprise, in my opinion she will win next years French Presidential election and the truly ugly side of socialism and the left’s violence will be kicked into the grass.

Nigel Farage too would have made last time but for the out and out corruption that took place by the Tory Party which, unfortunately  has been totally ignored, so too has the four million people who voted for UKIP.

Farage should be on the negotiating team representing four million votes, but no, the BBC and others spend their time promoting pathetic little Clegg and the current leader of the Libs who actually represents 8 MPs!

As for Gina Miller and that foul Alistair Campbell who helped Blair start an illegal war;  what can you say, however, you can tell what a person is like when you look at their friends.

Much of the report on Iraq
turned out to be false.gina-and-alistair

Who had a hand in that?

What are we to make of the tree High Court Judges and the Daily Mail comment that they were the enemies of the people, a sentiment by the way,  I heartily endorse.
First of all let us remember that members of the House voted for a referendum by a margin of 6 to 1


No caveats, they voted to leave yet these three High Court Judges whose job it is to determine the facts and pronounce judgment, deliberately ignored the obvious i.e. that the will of the people was clear; their judgment therefore was clearly political.
If the House of Lords backs this ruling then we can be sure that the establishment is truly corrupt, which is what most of us feel anyway.

Theresa May, in the event of a negative vote should immediately go to the country or go for article 50 right now.

We are blessed with quislings although I would never have thought that the Tory Party would have so many in their ranks.
Gina said there would be war! but if there is violence on the street or on individuals, she will have started it and she must take the consequences whatever they might be; that too goes for the anti-democratic fools who still seem to think that they can spit in the face of democracy and the people and get away with it.

The people have turned and your time is up.



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