The house of Rot

The house of rot commonly known as the ‘The house of Lords’, peopled by cronies and donors, not forgetting the rich who are always intent on getting more money. The House of Lords is nothing more than an embarrassment.  Enough is enough, reform it now and put in an elected chamber.

From 1850 to 1918 India, the jewel in the crown had just 1200 Indian civil service ruling almost 300 million people; all under the authority of England. Compare that to the working peers in the House of Rot, how deplorable is that.

They say that it takes a long time to train up counter terrorism firearms officers. Where is the lateral thinking. We have fully trained men out in the street from the specialist services such as, The Parachute Regiment and Royal Marines who would require little training other than absorbing them into the police force. How many of them were kicked out by Cameron and how many are being hounded by our government for doing their job.
Now Farage has taken us out the EU and it is surprising how the truth is finally  emerging. 1 million illegal immigrants are in England and still coming in by the busload, or should we say boat and lorry loads.
4th or 5th largest economy in the world and we cannot go out and buy, relatively cheap vessels to patrol our waters but we can afford to spend billions and billions of pounds on aid. Most of it being put in bank accounts by unscrupulous leaders.
They say haven’t the resources to get them out, what rubbish. We could set up a truly dedicated force to search out areas one by one. Any people harbouring illegal immigrant should lose their British passport along with their families, let us face most have dual passports anyway.
It is time to start getting tough and is another reason for a complete change of government by voting in a party right of centre. For God’s here did we get our so called leaders from, foolish naïve and with everyone’s interest at heart except for the British people.
Men only swimming in Luton to the detriment of women! Muslims are changing our country bit by bit aided by the heart bleeders and leftists in power. Do you remember apartheid in South Africa and how many people fought to change that in this country and others. Now it is par for the course in England, separate seating for men and women, separate swimming pools and the list will be added too as time goes by. This has nothing to do with gender it is nothing more than blatant racism. Islam in Britain has become a menace.
The government is still racing ahead to get rid of one of the top technological companies in Britain by handing it over to the Japanese. Like I said earlier foolish and naïve in every way shape and form.
We have outsourced our nuclear industry, our water, electricity etc. anything  for a buck and a few more millions in the banks for our overboard capitalists. Theresa May is unlikely to change anything of any consequence, particularly on migration, she had plenty of time to do that during her last job, but she didn’t; so  don’t hold your breath.
Farage should be given a Knighthood, if any man deserves one it is he.

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