The Tory Party

What is it about politicians, particularly the Tory party, we have just had an important referendum where the people quite clearly opted for complete and utter control of the country. At this point we got rid of a leader whose main claim to fame is that he exacerbated  the divisions that divided the country; ten fold through his personal disdain for the indigenous public.

Despite all of this we now have in power the remain camp. The leave ministers in charge of  Brexit are still subject to Theresa’s hold on article 50 and how she sees Brexit should evolve. The idea that these Brexit ministers are independent is a myth.

The Human Rights Act, which was promised is now under, shall we call it review! The HRA  is more than a devastatingly way for foreign criminals to evade justice. The truth is that HRA has done nothing to clamp down on democratic freedoms. Actually it has presided over a lack of Freedom of Expression and sent people to  prison for what they say  on Twitter, or worst still, so called hate speech.

Far from it he HRA has given official sanction to laws that fundamentally undermine them; this why we need a British Bill of Rights.

Wasn’t it the Prime Minister who pledged to draw up an industrial strategy for Britain , yet she and her chancellor are falling over to get rid of one of our most successful companies to Softbank, a Japanese company. Already they have fallen for their Softbank’s ambiguous promises. There is something about the Tories, given a chance they would sell  Granny’s silver if it brought enough in.


Finally, unless Theresa buckles down to migration her 16 points ahead will become a minus. The cut off date on immigration should be announced now otherwise we will have an equivalent situation in England to Germany’s problem in that there will be a huge surge in migration to Britain; why is it that they cannot make a purely  commonsense decision and get on with it. is food for thought.  


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