Theresa May

We can already see that Theresa is true to her conservative beliefs, treating the public with contempt.


The vote was out and that means out. Back door deals that allow her to put back article 50 and keep trading under the previous rules and not stopping free movement is not on.

Cameron, his fear campaign and international support which he garnered still lost him the referendum.

Fail us now and we will make sure that the Tory will fall by the wayside. 17.5 million people with more to come will make sure of that.

Stop taking us for fools Mrs May, trigger it now or take the consequences. Every terrorist attack by those who slip past us will be down to you and our government.

Cpl HowesFirst Sturgeon and then the IRA team with Blair, what else and now she has joined them. Why do British politicians like being photographed  with those who kill our soldiers?


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