Ranvir Singh – Journalist

How typical of a BBC journalist who tried to connect Nigel Farage to the Bastille attacks. Nigel is not a racist neither does he condone violence yet the BBC and the left always try to denigrate what he has done.

Ranvir singh

Ranvir Singh hasn’t done herself much good by coming up with totally biased comment. What is certain she will have done more to inflame the situation by bringing UKIP and its supporters into it.

Islam is what it is and she would be better trying to apply pressure to Islam’s leaders or does she feel better doing it to Christians rather Islam.

Islam does violence and has brought terror and sheer violence wherever they are

Sikhs so far have concentrated on being part of England, how sad that she has attacked a Christian like this; who has the support of the vast majority.

Theresa May has swept the board clean and got rid of much of the political elite, however, the honeymoon period wont last for long.

Yet it is disturbing is it not that she has retained Jeremy Heywood, now known as Mr Cover up. It is clear to most people that he has corrupted the civil service, so why is he there.

This is the man who blocked the release of sensitive documents to the Chilcot enquiry. He also allowed Cameron to waste 9 million of taxpayers money for a propaganda leaflet, further to that he instructed civil servants to ignore Brexit ministers when it came to EU policy “cut them out of the  loop” Under Heywood the civil service went out of their way to promote Brexit.

This man should be investigated not kept in his position. Theresa May is obviously ok with his corrupt image, the question is why?

We have not heard of the fishing industry. Clearly it should not be part of any negotiation, the fish in our water are ours and will give a huge boost to our economy.

Virtually everyone is adamant too that our aid budget has to go, again this was something that Cameron felt good about, whilst forgetting that people were suffering. He had a cheek to highlight it as one of his achievements along with Gay Marriage which no one wanted. Thank God he has gone. 


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