Theresa May

The establishment has won yet again, hence Cameron’s little hum as he walked back through door.

“Brexit means Brexit” intones Theresa. a remain minister. My previous blogs made it clear about immigration and how she failed completely to resolve it.

She is against the Australian system to control immigration, despite it being the obvious thing to do. Theresa is against it because it will fly in the face of doing a deal on immigration with the EU, that’s why. She has no intention of stopping immigration.

Theresa is totally in sympathy with the Muslim communities in Britain despite the fact they will never assimilate and will seek constantly to further their cause. We already have no go areas and Muslims telling people that this a Muslim area.

Frances Patrick Calvar, head of the general Directorate   for Internal security is right when he talks about being on the verge of a civil war between the Muslims and France’s civilian population. This has been on the cards since I first published my book in 2010. Muslims have brought violence to every country they have resided in due to their ideology. When it happens they will have no one else to blame as it spreads to other countries, particularly England where our leadership has paid court to them forgetting that we are Christian society.

Theresa will pick a Brexit team but they will be under strict instruction  to do it her way. In that team should be Farage with his long experience and support in the country, but I suspect she will ignore him. She should bear in mind that she is Prime Minister because of Nigel Farage and nobody else.

What will be her instruction on our fishing policy. No deal on that hopefully. We should take it back right now,  impose the 200 mile limit and help the fishing industry; let her not forget that it was the Tory Party who gave our fishing industry away and ruined peoples lives beyond repair.

What about Cameron aid package, giving money to corrupt countries whilst those at home were struggling to survive. It did it all to make him feel good, after all this is a man who is not ‘short of a bob’ it should be reduced to 3 or 4 million until we decide to upgrade it. The people of this country come first.

As for Phillip Hammond the doom monger he should be given another job and be told to shut up about Brexit and how long it is going to take.

Arun was right, we now need a new party whether that is UKIP rebranded (which makes more sense) or a totally new party. It is time to wipe out the Labour party for ever, they have done enough damage to this country, particularly on immigration and multiculturalism, not to mention a 179 dead British soldiers and wounded and over a 150,000 Iraq civilians.

As for the Tory party despite some protestations from the back bench they have come together to ensure that Brexit is what they want and not what the people want. They are now treading a very narrow path and I believe that the EU will still be their downfall.


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