Message to Gove

Nick Boles apologises over plot to block Andrea Leadsom in Tory leadership race.

If you believe this then you will believe anything.

The plot thickens, it can be seen that there is a cunning and calculating plot to keep leadsom out of the last two contestants.

Mr Gove they know that you will not win which is why our gruesome MPs set such great store in keeping leadsom out of the last two.

You have said you wanted to do the right thing by the country, in which case you should resign your attempt at leadership and move behind Leadsom.

Once again if she is out then you will be blamed. Do the right thing and resign your leadership challenge, otherwise a remain minister will be put in place.

This must not happen otherwise the Tory party is dead and you will split the country and those who wanted out will not accept a typical Cameron PR stunt.


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