England is the mother of parliaments.

“England is the mother of all parliaments” so said reformist John Bright at Birmingham in 1865, how contrite that is right now.

What would he have said if you told him that English politicians had sold their soul to an unelected,  regime headed by Germany whose main claim to fame is they have brought, and still bring out violence throughout Europe.

We have English politicians who decry and belittle democracy, politicians who are a disgrace to those who fought and gave their lives to uphold democracy. This humiliation is passed to those who still adhere to the rule of law and democracy.

We have , thanks to Nigel Farage, had the opportunity to hold a referendum on democracy and freedom. as a result the people have spoken on the latter, this however does not sit well with those who put their well being, finances and positions of power above all else.

The Tory party are the people who right now are playing their form of democracy, by ignoring the will of the people and they will endeavour to ensure  that the real contender to Theresa May will not be in the last two. This way they can ignore the will of the people.

This way they will ensure that although the majority voted to leave, they will ensure that a remain person becomes Prime Minister. This is chicanery of the highest order.

It is not Gove who is devious but parliament. Skulduggery in “England The Mother of All parliaments” is rife. Our Parliament has become the lowest of the low, a total and absolute disgrace.

We have megalomaniac Blair, answerable for the death and wounded of British soldiers, so too the death of 150,000 Iraq civilians, along with the corruption of our once proud civil service.

Cameron heir to Blair has continued with the corruption of our civil service. Together they talked down our economy and his disciples are still doing it.

The Tory Party and the Marxist left, who themselves have brought this country down, should be put out to grass. UKIP must now rebrand and seek to put this people where they belong, in a deep pit marked dunghill, dross or whatever.

They will make sure Gove will not win so, he should put his country first , come out and align himself with Leadsom so that she is in the last two. Come on Gove you have talked about your country so do it.

Take note these antics will not go down well with the people and you will end up with a “monkey on your back” This charade must end.


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