The battle continues

The battle to circumvent the clear desire to leave the EU has taken a new turn.

The MPs and the media are determined to put Theresa May from the leave camp in as Prime Minister.

We heard Phillip Hammond say this morning that there needs to be a “trade off” on freedom of movement, what does that mean, we voted to end freedom of movement not use it as a bargaining chip.

Plenty of time for article 50!  this too comes from Theresa and Hammond. The idea in their mind is to let it sit and in the next general election or worse still even sooner they will use it in the manifesto and if they win, which they will, they will toss it on the back seat and we are back where we started.

Brexit is Brexit so said Theresa May but she intends to water it down to an acceptable level, that is quite clear.

This is the woman who believe Sharia law has a place in Britain, clearly like Cameron, she does not believe that every man,  whatever be his rank or condition, is subject to the ordinary law of the realm.

“Theresa May hails Sharia Benefits!! Clearly she  want a secondary law system for those seeking to destroy democracy. This is not acceptable.


PrayingThe rule of law is one of the longest established common law fundamental principles of the governance of the United Kingdom, dating to Magna Carta of 1215, particularly jurisprudence following its late 13th century re-drafting.

There should not be Sharia law, this is our country and each and every man and women should be subject to it. Those who do not accept it should go a country that uses it. Every other race or religion accepts the law of our land and does not attempt to bring in a totally foreign law.

Soon we will get rid of EU law and our courts will follow the Magna Carta and to hell with the European Arrest Warrant.

It is up to the conservative mass to bring back control by placing Leadsom as Prime Minister. As stated she will get straight on with article 50. That is what we voted for and that is what we must get.

As for Kasra Nouroozi, a Mishcon de Reya partner, said: “We must ensure that the government follows the correct process to have legal certainty and protect the UK Constitution and the sovereignty of Parliament in these unprecedented circumstances.

This law firm is playing with fire, this is a political decision and they should stay out of it. If this ever came about I believe that they would need to leave the country. The people have voted out so stay out of it, otherwise the country would be really divided.

Our MPs as far as the public are concerned are lower than snakes, these attempts to hoodwink the public will fail.




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