Retrograde step by Hannan and above all Boris. We did not fight so hard to have taken away by gutless politicians

We won the argument and it is time to move forward on article 50.

We must not abandon the control of our borders


It was our intention to leave and regain control of our borders, our laws and the government. Anything else is unacceptable.

The time to move is now by putting in a prime Minister and that PM must be from the leave side. The arrogance of Theresa May biding her time on the remain side and now wanting to lead Brexit is not on, it will produce a backlash against the Tory Party which will be nothing more than disastrous.

As for a minister looking for a new referendum, will somebody tell Hunt what democracy isMay


Poles are in a minority. We all know that they played their part in the last war. The real problem is down to the Labour Party who allowed far too many Poles to enter. So much that has gone wrong can be put down to the Labour Party; they are to blame.

As for the Mayor and Warsi and hate crimes perhaps they  should concentrate on Muslim areas where they intimidate people by saying this is a Muslim area and a few other things that offend the English people, like training to assassinate our people.

Boris and Gove should move now, get on with it there is no room here to indulge yourself. For God’s sake start the process now.


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