Back stabbing

We can now see why Farage is being sidelined for negotiations, it is because Boris and others have already succumbed.

How pathetic Boris, despite all you are still a Eton blowhard

Trust Boris, truth and your word already down the drain

They know that Farage will deal a blow to any back door deal before they have implemented it.

Carswell will go along and will soon be back in the conservative  fold; most people know he cannot be trusted

They have no mandate to strike a deal with the EU. Out is Out, any deal will provoke a horrendous backlash.

If this is the case we must ensure that Farage is not finished. 17 million votes will see him right.

Throughout this campaign Farage is the only person to speak the absolute truth. We have had enough of tricksters and imposters in the Tory Party.

A bunch of self serving hypocrites who wouldn’t know the truth if you hit them over the head with it.

Remember no European Army, now they saying it is necessary

Liars and cheats, say one thing and mean the other.

Just like Cameron when he said he would invoke article 50 then immediately backtracked.

I actually thought Gove could be trusted, but clearly not.


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