Carswell / Polly

Polly on the Andrew Marr show showed her ignorance and certainly her arrogance when she said being old doesn’t make you wise, how dare she.

 Still slating the public because Polly didn’t get her way. What a truly pathetic woman she is.

All this rubbish about vote leave’s lies etc. It was Cameron and his team who lied and threatened the British public constantly.

A British Prime Minister who thought he could frighten England!

It just goes to show how little he knew about England and its people.

Cameron has divided Britain, he is the one who did this and he is still hanging on. He should hand over to Boris so that the leave team can get on with it. He wants to help then go, Cameron go.

We cannot hang on arguing as to who should take over, the world and the market place need more than that; indulging the Tory Party is not on.

Above all the leave team should do what they set out to do with no shady deals with the EU. 17 million people said we want to go. We have had enough of liars and treacherous politicians.

Farage has earned his place on the negotiating table, four million said yes.  IDS thought he was being clever on the Andrew Marr show talking about a UKIP MP. Clearly another one dealing in double talk.

Think twice Mr IDS you don’t want to upset four million people, especially with the next election coming up, apart from which Carswell is not totally trustworthy and UKIP supporters know this.

For once lets have some honesty


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