Democracy has won

As I said this morning the media are now intent on disparaging  Britain, even when the vote was clearly decisive.

Had the remain won everyone especially the media would have said its democracy, get on with. What we now have is the remain camp sulking and delivering more and more gloom.

Ever since this started the media have gleefully showered us with doom and gloom, ready to repeat ad infinitum every single thing that ran down Britain. You can be sure that the initial downward spiral of the pound was because the doom mongers.

Despite all this the people put aside the arguments on money life etc. they  came out and decided that a 1000 years of Great Britain and its democracy was not for sale to Germany or Brussels.

They Voted for Democracy

The establishment elite here and in Brussels have been taught a lesson by the British people for the third time; we will not be cowed.

We now need Boris Johnson as PM with  Michael Gove as Chancellor because they must be leave campaigners. Theresa May in her present job because of her experience. Maybe Fox on defence. Boris will be able to surround himself with experienced people.

Nigel Farage should be included in the detailed discussions to come, why? without him there would not have been a referendum, he has braved all for 16 years to get to this point.


He also garnered 4 million votes, a substantial amount but above all he knows exactly how the EU works and that will be of immense importance.

Tory Party, stop sulking, start moving and make us great again


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