I simply cannot believe that people will vote to stay this totally unelected regime

We now have Eurosclerosis  (A German term ) for a pattern of economic stagnation in Europe, except of course for the Chancellors New Reich.

 France has an unemployment rate twice that of Britain.

Italy is now a basket case, with candidates from the FIVE STAR MOVEMENT were elected Mayors of Rome and Turin! 

Loathing of the EU is unprecedented in Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Holland, Denmark and Sweden.

The Greek economy has shrunk by 27% with many people actually starving.

People like Kinnock was a total political failure but he like other cast offs , went to Brussels and have lived the good life ever since.

The leaders in this country have been wickedly  shameful by submitting to the EU and its courts , knowing full well that it is the EUs inclination to destroy England.

They have long been frightened of us as a country and want to put us on the periphery once and for all.

Britain has done more spread democracy all over the world. It was Britain, Russia and the United States who rescued Europe from the last German Chancellor and its 1000 year Reich.

What have we got now, is a total betrayal by worthless British politicians led by a Tory well educated poodle, because that’s what he is, a damn poodle.

so what

We have a Tory party who could have sorted him out but no, they to are pathetic. A lot of noise but no action.

Cameron will pay dearly for his treacherous behavior, Hitler would have been proud of him. 

Sovereignty is relevant, so is democracy

It is shameful that the young of this country want to sacrifice the freedom and democracy in this country just to make it easier to get around Europe.

It is to be hoped that vote will win otherwise they soon see what Germany is like when it starts to think it has won.

It is the same Germany but with a different Chancellor, violence will follow.




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