EU the divider


From the word go they have lied and lied and lied.

Nothing is ever what it seems.

The have taken countries over with bureaucrats, destroyed Greece with over 50% without work, turned Italy into a basket case and caused some of the Balkan countries to put up barbed wire fences.


Hungary fence



We helped to pull down their wall in order that Germany came together but lo and behold they have forced others to build walls to protect themselves. They tell us there is not going to be a European Army whilst going manoeuvres on our soil under a European general.

Our Tanks

SPTA Military - 8 May at 12:37 Scorpion 4x4 MRAP (Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected Vehicle) Finnish Army at Salisbury Plain ***IMAGE TAKEN FROM FACEBOOK PAGE***

They tell us that Turkey is not going to join the EU  whilst our diplomats are busy (with our money) working towards that.

Big business wants us to stay because we will then be subject to unlimited immigration by poor people, that is what it is about. So wages will be kept down and foreigners will takes England’s jobs.  

24th is

Independence day



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