Sky News

At 11:45 this morning the Sky News presenter parroted Warsi on linking Farage to the BNP, this was totally disgusting and a foul way of dragging this lie up front. The presenter knows full well that this is totally untrue and above all so does Warsi, this is not surprising coming from a Muslim MP who has always had it in for Farage. 

This however is another Cameron stitch up. Warsi was never an out campaigner but that will not stop the BBC and Sky News for saying otherwise 

Sky News has joined the remain camp with project fear. Let us remember that it is thanks to Farage that we are having this referendum, 16 or more years it has taken him to do this. This is why Merkel’s disciples in the media and otherwise hate him and are constantly denigrating him.

He received more than four million votes last time out so the media and others should show him and those who support him some respect. 

As for the conspiracy to link that unfortunate death of  Jo Cox with Brexit, that is beyond the belief, he was and is subject to a physiatrist report, so why are we listening to that rabid left wing journalist Polly and above the most to a man whose reputation for lies and deceit in Blair’s government, helped turn our Civil Service into what is now known as a corrupt British Civil Service.

If it is conspiracy you want, then maybe some one on the left got to him and helped on his way to enhance the remain camps cause? So you see, it is easy to see how distorting the facts is stupid and achieves nothing.

Jo Cox was murdered by someone who needs help. It was a foul and utterly senseless murder which has affected us all. Cameron and others who are now making use of her article to achieve their aim is nothing more than skullduggery and they should be ashamed of themselves.


As for the BNP who now states he will to contest her seat, then he should be allowed to do so, because her constituents will put him in his place; he will not get one vote, NOT ONE. 

 Sir Nicholas Soames on the Andrew Marr show yesterday passed comment on the disrespect shown to MPs and how wonderful they all are working for the public. He and others like still haven’t got it have they.

The public are now aware that the MPs  DO NOT  represent the British  public they represent Brussels headed by Chancellor Merkel’s  government and implement their laws.





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