In or out

Would you let a stranger in the next street decide as to whether your daily activities and how you run your life complied with his idea as to what you should do;

surely not.

Any right thinking man would say, away you go I am the one who determines what I do and it is I who will look after my family.

So why are people voting for a failing political super state.  A German sponsored  regime  that is spreading violence throughout Europe, a regime that is seeking political slaves to enhance its own ideology.

In the last war Germany took men from the Balkans, France etc. to use as slaves to bolster its own economy, destroying families right left and centre.

It would have happened to us but many millions led by Great Britain fought on and died for their cause. The allies freed Europe, but they didn’t lay down their lives for our freedom to have taken away but British MPs.

We no longer have a House of Commons now it is a House of Traitors and let us not forget the Lords.

It will be the people and not Cameron’s establishment or Labours  Metropolitans  elite, banks and corporate business that will decide.

We can take control, we can run our own country and tell Merkel and Juncker that we have heard their threats before and dealt with them firmly.

The indigenous population should take control. It is our country

Baroness Warsi has decided to stay in, what a surprise, I bet she had every Imam (not forgetting the Mayor) telling her how and where her duty lay. We should Remember loyalty to Muslim is not to our Queen, but to Islam.

Corbyn cant help it and wants to get out but he has, however, sacrificed his principle (outwardly of course) for the party machine but believe me when the time comes, he will vote out.

Corbyn wave

Take note that he has come out quite firmly on the side of immigrants, no matter what form they will take. Murderers,  rapists, paedophiles, violent men etc. let them in. Like Cameron he has decided to let them in without due regard to the ordinary people of this country.
So back to normal and Joe Blogs and Mrs Blogs will take their turn at the bottom for housing, schools, surgery appointments and NHS in the meantime our way of life will be changed forever, no go areas will increase and neither one of them will care a toss about any of you.




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