Written 16 years ago

Does this sound familiar

The Plan

For at least a minute there was a stunned silence then audible gasps. Apart from Brian, Peter and of course Joseph, no one had any idea as to what had been going on.

Bruce Candid broke the silence. ‘My God, Peter, when I recruited Joseph I never for the life of me envisaged you using him this way! What are we getting into here? Talk to us please and tell us that this nothing more than a bad dream.’

Brian got to his feet. Bruce’s reaction did not surprise him at all. Considering the information they had just been given he had in fact expected a much stronger initial reaction so it bode well.

‘Gentlemen, first of all let me say that no one – absolutely no one other than those directly involved – could be informed of this project until now. Let me also say that if having heard my reason for initiating and developing this project you disagree with it, we can reverse the process and disband because that gentlemen, would be our only option. ‘To date we have agreed upon one thing and that is to free ourselves from this New Reich, this new and evil form of fascism and re- establish a wholly English Parliament headed by the Monarchy, discredited though it is and in the process become once again a free and independent trading nation.

‘To state that this is difficult would be the understatement of the millennium. However, you will recall that quite some time ago I told you I had a plan in mind that would and could allow us to achieve that aim. At that time I asked you to trust me and work with me until the day I was ready to tell you what that plan was. Well that day has arrived and I can tell you now that my plan had always envisaged devices of this nature. The difficulty was finding the right man to assist. Imagine my feelings when Bruce introduced me to Joseph, because without the help and commitment that only a man like Joseph can give, we could never have hoped to succeed.

‘You all know and understand but it is worth mentioning again that once we start activities our enemies will stop at nothing to crush us out of existence. When I say enemies remember that we have to consider those from within as well as those from without and there are many of them. All of their resources will be brought to bear on us and this government, as we all know to our cost, has eyes and ears everywhere, having where necessary used legislation to create a vast army of informers.

‘We must never forget for one moment that New Labour has become New Fascism; they have achieved this because at the top of the Party there are some very clever people. I am not talking about elected members of course, as they would have trouble crossing a busy road with that lot. No, those who have been selected are extremely clever and over time their policy of subjugation, selective and repressive legislation has proved to be very effective indeed, so much so that very few people are prepared to speak out any more. Government cronies, placemen in the upper house, a corrupt and politicised civil service, and judiciary too, along with much of the media, all have ensured that anyone stepping out of line will at best expect to be crushed publicly and at worse imprisoned. They always make absolutely sure that it impacts on the whole of the family too. Never forget that these people do not allow themselves the unnecessary luxury of a conscience, not even when many British soldiers get killed.

‘Now that we are under Corpus Juris there is no difficulty in putting people away for months on end without appearance or public charge. We live in a climate of fear and suicide among the younger generation in particular has reached unprecedented heights and that gentlemen, is just the enemy within! Then we have the New Reich; that is what it is, make no mistake about it and, as we are all too aware, ifs over here controlling our lives. Predictably the European Commission has already used its powers to ban political parties who are anti- Europe both here and in member countries. I am thinking here of Hungary and Poland in particular. I often wonder if they fully realised that when the time came to join Europe they were simply exchanging one unpleasant regime for another! To the best of my knowledge the English Revival Party are the only really active underground party left in Europe.

‘Our friend John as we are all aware, has already spent twelve months in prison on trumped up charges yet such is his conviction that he sits here with us today risking all for the love of his country and freedom.

‘Democracy as we all knew and understood it is dead and large sections of the English population are angry and frightened too, in a way that we could never have imagined. Even so as a nation the English are still so damned civilised that you will never bring them out on to the streets in scenes reminiscent of Romania when the people toppled Nicolae Ceausescu or Belgrade and the fall of Slobodan Milosevic. The government are well aware of this so the action to save England needs to be limited and executed in such a way that over the short term it will rouse the people and Prove to be devastatingly effective. This, gentlemen, is the crux of the matter, hence the devices which will play their part by allowing also this effectiveness to be maintained over an extended period so giving England time to re-establish itself both economically and militarily.

‘What we now have therefore is the ability to move forward inflicting hopefully, limited damage both here and in Europe. Our plan is bold, to say the least, but one thing needs to be made absolutely clear, if in the next half hour we all decide to move forward then we do it on the basis of winning. No cold feet, no second thoughts, nothing. It must be to the finish – all or nothing, gentlemen, all or nothing.

‘Soon I will give you all of the facts but before I do it may well be worth looking back and reminding ourselves what we are up against. Bruce, at this point I would like to draw on your journalistic expertise, knowledge to go back over the facts, as we know them. I do appreciate that this request is a bit sudden but under the circumstances I think it is best to remind ourselves as to why we are here and what we are about. ’‘Bruce?

 Bruce got up and moved forward to take up Brian’s position. He actually had great faith in Brian and despite the fact that he was still mentally reeling from the impact of Joseph’s short but devastating speech, he just knew that the man had nothing evil in his hear! So for the moment he dismissed his concerns and began to concentrate on the task in hand. Fifteen minutes later he sat down and knew that his own summary had struck home. Faces had perceptibly tightened and the determination was all too evident.

This time it was Harry’s voice, which cut through the air. ‘Look, as far as I am concerned there is no choice and I for one am not prepared to tum back now. As for the people of England, we know damn well that the vast majority have had a real gutful of these bastards. Come on Brian; tell us what you have in mind and how you intend to use these nuclear devices.

‘Thank you, Harry, succinct as ever. Gentleman in outline the plan is based on the following. It will inevitably become necessary to prove our intent and above all determination to both Europe and this government that we intend to succeed in our action and, believe me, we will. In a nutshell we are going to place nuclear devices in each of the following cities, Berlin, Brussels and Paris. The fourth, however, will in fact be the first and hopefully the only one to be exploded with detonation taking place at a point out to sea. The New Reich will therefore be faced with the reality of a nuclear device and the hitherto unthinkable i.e. the possibility of further nuclear ground blasts sufficient virtually to wipe out these city centres.

‘Once we have given them our ultimatum, you can be sure that they will pull out all stops to find us and the devices, which is why we will only allow them 48 hours to comply with our demands before the second detonation takes place. During that time they will use every means at their disposal to seek us out, attempting to set up a dialogue, but of course they will not succeed. We more than anyone know the danger of communicating and how it operates. Time is not a luxury we can afford so there will be no dialogue, just compliance

‘Prior to the first and hopefully only explosion, a warning along with coordinates will be given to world shipping to stay clear of the designated area. It is anticipated that the first device will be exploded exactly 24 hours after the ultimatum. Prior to the warning but note, on the same day of the ultimatum a number of attacks will take place both here on the mainland and in Europe. These attacks have a triple purpose, the first is to take out eliminate – call it what you will – those who have made the most direct contribution to the destruction of our England. Secondly and most importantly they will demonstrate to Europe that they are dealing with a very determined, well-armed and above all an extremely professional force.

Thirdly these actions are designed ultimately to draw a European force into invading these shores. The vast majority of the English, I can assure you, will not tolerate this, and I for one would not want to be in the shoes of anyone at that time in giving vocal support to Europe. The Americans too have no love for “old Europe”, France particularly, and, while they may not get too excited about a nuclear device or devices going off, they will in the end, I believe, stick with their real friends.’

Mark leaned back in his chair and said, ‘Well, they say that truth is stranger than fiction and so it is.’

Brian smiled. ‘Rest assured, gentlemen, I can promise you this, the moment they decide to invade England, they are all dead in the water, right back to the main operation. Following the UK and European attack and the ultimatum subsequently issued to Brussels it is intended that their period of grace will last exactly 24 hours, after which time we will explode the first device. It is, I believe, inevitable that the first device will need to be detonated. I base this on the belief that when the moment of decision arrives, Brussels will take into account our actions and come to the conclusion that while we pose a serious threat, it is not likely that we possess nuclear devices. They will therefore state publicly that they will not give into terrorists etc.

‘Twenty-four hours after the ultimatum we will, of course, prove them wrong by exploding the first device out at sea. The hawks, I am sure, will assume that the chances of us having further devices are minimal. They will also assume that as our first device was exploded at sea it is an indication of weakness and that we do not dare to attack the cities. No doubt they will threaten us with retaliation – even maybe limited war – but that is the most unlikely scenario, as our government despite all would be forced by the military to threaten a response. This too they will understand and appreciate.

‘Initially our action will cause extreme confusion, anger, confrontation then rhetoric, but we will not be moved’ My belief and firm hope is that ultimately the decision will be to send in a combination of Euro police and armed forces to flush us out whilst branding us as terrorists. I further believe that for what must be obvious security reasons they will not even consider relying on the British mainland forces to do the job. This would work in our favour as contrary to what they in Europe may think, the world our long lost relatives and in particular America will view it as an invasion, which is exactly what we want to happen.

‘To put it bluntly, gentlemen, the moment they decide to move in so to speak, we will have them by the balls’ On the basis of fight or flight you can be sure that Italy will capitulate very quickly as history has demonstrated that Italy has never wasted time in getting on the winning side. Even they recognise the fact that they are simply not an aggressive nation, as for Germany well politically they will not be able to bear the idea of being thwarted by the British yet again, so they may well surprise us. The French- German alliance is strong, as we know, so France will most likely stand alongside Germany’ A super state led by France and Germany is something they will not want to see compromised. If my plan for a limited invasion does take place, these two with others following will lead it’

‘So let us consider the worst-case scenario, what if they call our bluff and decide not to come to the party? Well, there can only be one response, gentlemen we carry the fight forward and detonate the second device and that explosion will take place in Brussels. However, we will not detonate until the capital and its people have received numerous warnings and ample time to evacuate. Rest assured that whether we explode the third device or not, we will bring absolute chaos to Brussels. The third device will be placed in Berlin but, believe me, we will not need to detonate as Berliners too will be panicking long before the Brussels deadline. The ultimatum will be met I can promise you that much.

‘France under more normal circumstances would fight certainly, but these will not be normal circumstances. You can be absolutely certain of one thing and that is the French would never allow Paris to suffer the same fate as Brussels. Another point to bear in mind is that while the French are an anarchic lot, which of course is part of their charm and why we love them, the public in France have never forgotten the huge losses suffered by French and allied forces during the First and Second World War. This of course is why in the first instance they turned to Germany in order to avoid any repetition of those losses. if we needed to explode a device in Berlin then France will know that it will be next in line. It will then do what France does best and that is in order to protect the interests of France and its people they will withdraw.

‘No one knows better than I that the plan is truly audacious and does depend, to a large extent but not completely, on the Europeans reacting accordingly. Nothing, however, is gained without some risk and this fact you need to accept. I also want you to understand and take on board one other fact and it is this. We have to be totally and utterly ruthless as there is no room whatsoever for squeamishness.

‘We fight to win or we don’t fight at all and learn to live with the consequences.’

Brian glanced around the room. Both Harry and Joseph looked set and determined and as for Bruce and John, while concern etched both their faces, acceptance was explicit in their silence. Brian knew, however, that he had to continue being brutal and drive the message home.

‘People on both sides will have to die. How they die and in what numbers is all going to be down to the response we get from Europe. What I will promise you is that we’re not going on the rampage with nuclear devices or explosives. On the other hand we’re not going to win without them – and we certainly won’t win if we’re not prepared to use them. Part and parcel of our success will of course be based on what we do prior to offering the ultimatum. By that I mean we will have to demonstrate to these fascists just how professional and above all how determined we are. By the time the ultimatum is eventually delivered you can be sure of one thing and that is they will treat us and our threat with the utmost respect

‘I reiterate, they may not in the first instance believe in our ability to set up a nuclear strike in each one of these cities, which is why we must demonstrate clearly both our ability and determination to do so. No dialogue to take place and absolutely no extensions under any circumstances, so make your choice. If the decision is to continue then Peter will outline the task ahead, with detailed planning to group commanders taking place at a time and place yet to be decided. I want to hear your decision gentlemen, and make it now, before you leave this room. What is it to be, freedom for England or the new Reich?’

‘Brian surely this requires a little extra thought,’ Mark spoke his first words since the meeting had begun. ‘It is after all a huge decision to make.’

Brian’s riposte was immediate and explosive. ‘Why for God’s sake. Mark, we couldn’t win when we had some semblance of a democracy and opposition to boot, feeble though it was. Where are we now? Democracy has been virtually extinguished, opposition neutered and we’re now part of a fascist state. What other way could there possibly be? You know full well in your heart that there is no other way, no alternative other than a limited war. A political option simply doesn’t exist anymore.’

He didn’t wait for Mark to respond. Looking around the room he went on, ‘We are not the first in Britain, alone many millions before us have died fighting for freedom from oppression. What makes us so different? This isn’t some bloody game we are playing here and there is no further time to cogitate. After a great deal of effort everything is in place and ready to go, so either you want to fight or fight to win or you don’t. The choice is simple so what is it to be, tell me now and I hope to God you are all with us?’

Mark, somewhat abashed, bowed his head while his mind raced with thoughts. Could Brian be right? Was it really as black and white as this? But all of a sudden it was as if the ghosts of all of those who had fought and died for freedom in both world wars had risen up and screamed at him, and his mind was made up .’Brian I really don’t know what came over me; of course I am with you and all of all the way. On that you have my word.’

A chorus of assent followed and they were through.

‘May God bless us all, thought Brian and especially those of us who will not make it?




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