Cameron’s Stitch-Up

Cameron’s stitch-up on the Daily Politics was truly pathetic, apart from two dissenters Bercow made sure that it was all vote leave who got to their feet.

so what

As for Osborne’s punishment budget they are both forgetting one thing and that both dodgy  Cameron and Osborne will be gone before the clock strike midnight. A new PM is called for, there is no way anyone will want Cameron or Osborne, so start deciding who will take their place.

Cameron started on manufacturing and jobs etc. perhaps he could explain why 3.5 billion of our money  (Tanks)  goes to Spain and their manufacturing industry whilst our manufactures have lost out along with our steel.

Our Tanks

This is to please the EU and to Cameron further ingratiating himself with the New Reich.


Do not vote for traitors, whichever side the come from. Labour voters now know that their party is not there for them. A last minute attempt to convince them otherwise will not work,.

They are not stupid. 


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