Wolfgang Schäuble & The three stooges

Germany’s finance minister  has ruled out Britain joining the single market if the country votes to leave the European Union, declaring that “out is out” for the UK.

He should however, take note that it is not Germany who is alone in producing cars, we can go to japan, South Korea, Spain, Italy etc. What a wonderful market we would be for many countries.

You have threatened Europe at one time and it didn’t get you anywhere Herr Schauble, and it wont get you anywhere now; so give it away.

‘The first 100 next-generation Ajax battle tanks earmarked for use by the British Army will be built in Spain with Swedish steel – despite the UK steel industry’s seemingly imminent collapse.

Our Tanks

It was reported Monday that the first 100 Ajax vehicles will be produced in Spain to ensure that they are in service by 2017.

They will also reportedly be made of Swedish steel, despite the fact that the UK steel industry appears to be in a state of collapse, with a number of firms – and tens of thousands of jobs – at risk.’

So much for our manufacturing and our steel, thanks to the EU and Cameron once again 3.5 billion has gone to Spain. Where are the unions now and the Labour party.

£3.5 billion out of the door to another country, now we cannot even make our own tanks

We have gone mad, take control.


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