One poisoned man for another

Gordon Brown comes out today for vote leave because Cameron has quite rightly become toxic.

Hang on a minute, this is the man who headed the Labour party who then spent his time making as many people possible dependent on the state.

He increased Child tax Credits and Child benefits, in addition to that he included families without children by changing working families tax credits to working tax credits. As a result the state was the main financial provider for a third of UK households.

This meant that New Labour with children and where neither partner worked were better off by 16%! whilst a single earner couple with no children saw a decline of 5%. This is the work of Bolshevism or Maoism.

Brown sold off 395 tons of gold at the bottom of the market. The loss was more than 2 billion to the taxpayer, some chancellor. Do we remember the pensioners increase  to 75p while hitting road users with a very heavy tax increase as a result petrol was more than £4 a gallon.

Remember Brown who had been caught unawares calling a Labour-supporting pensioner who confronted him on the campaign trail a “bigot”.


Gillian Duffy, a 66-year-old widow, told the Prime Minister that she was concerned about immigration from Eastern Europe, but Brown showed his true feelings on immigration by calling her a “bigot”

 Andy Burnham told BBC Two’s Newsnight: “We have definitely been far too much Hampstead and not enough Hull in recent times. So there you have it are places like Hull going to fall for this. It is an admission that labour is quite clearly in thrall to the labour elite in what is now called the UK super-gentrifiers in Islington.

They talk about the working class but will have nothing to do with them, believe me they never mix. On the other hand a coffee cost £4 in upper street, a one bedroom flat costs a half a million pounds or more and so it goes on. take note, however, that the Labour elite can afford it and that is something to think about.

When they knock on your doors and tell you to vote out ask them who they are representing. You can be sure of one thing – -it wont be you.





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