Libyan Brigades are successfully moving against IS forces in Sirte, supported by the SBS and other specialist forces from the US, Britain, and France etc.

Libyan officer Colonel Mohamed El-Gasri states that they need to secure the ports top prevent escape by sea. Jihadists are cutting their hair, shaving their beards and joining boats crossing the Mediterranean, so there is no doubt about it they are on the way; and how will we stop them.


Bashir Al-Gady commander of Libyan troop during this operation said that these are the most dangerous terrorists in the world today and they are on the Mediterranean coast with the stated aim of carrying out atrocities in Europe

“We cannot beat them alone” We have two tugboats and six Zodiac inflatables to patrol 350 miles of the Mediterranean.

I hope that someone told him the under Cameron we have 3 boats to patrol 7,700 miles of coastline, despite being the fifth largest economy in the world.

Italy has 600 boat and Greece (yes Greece) has 240 to patrol 8,500 miles of coastline.

We are safe states Cameron, there is no problem on security! it is wonder his tongue doesn’t  drop out.

Times newspaper exposé cables which,  according to the telegrams, senior diplomats have advised ministers that the proposed EU deal with Turkey on visa-free travel within the Schengen area could lead the UK to consider extending the same privilege to up to 1.5m “special passport holders” from Turkey.

So the EU are fast tracking Turkey, Albania and others to join the EU but will wait until after the referendum before telling us.

Cameron knows this but he is still lying to British Public.

Are we so utterly stupid in this country that we are setting ourselves up to be annihilated. Where is our pride, where is our loyalty, surely not to France and Germany.





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