Cameron’s threats

Each day you wonder how far will Cameron go to get his way, blackmail, menace etc. well now we have intimidation coming to the fore.

Cameron has now stated that; “If we leave pensioner benefits would be under threat and the triple lock could no longer be guaranteed in the long term”

These pledges were made in the 2015 manifesto at the same time as the referendum, all done to gain votes and give himself a majority. Now he is trying to say they will be too expensive if we leave the EU.

so what

The first thing is that he quite clearly lied to gain an increase in his vote and keep him in office.

Secondly when the vote has been cast to leave he will be out of the back door of number 10 with immediate effect.

Cameron’s deceit, his two-faced approach to life will make it impossible to continue in office. He is the most untrustworthy recipient of that high order, our Prime Minister. To create angst amongst the elderly is totally unforgivable.


We are being deceived, day and day out


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