Another man turning a blind eye to what is going on in this country. He is the man who is using racism to promote the remain camp.

It is not racist to declare ones belief’s in their own country. We are slowly being absorbed by outside masses. Tell us Archbishop when did you try to see a GP. Do you have a problem with housing yourself or family. How many times have you ended up in A&E because it is the only way you can get some sort of treatment; the truth is probably never.

Like most of the elite and the establishment you have no trouble with all of the everyday problems do you, of course not.

I suggest you start looking after Christians, haven’t you noticed they are being wiped out in this country.

Looking after Christians, isn’t that what they pay you for? To date the church is full of chiefs, and that’s your problem. Those who believe in God are very rarely in church, and there are plenty of them.

Faith is what you believe in, religion is what others have you believe. You sir come into the latter part.

Stay out of politics



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