Once again Great Britain is alone.

Once again Great Britain is alone and ready to fight for its democracy. This time, however, we face traitors within our political system, led by leaders who have sold their soul to Germany for good things yet to come.

The article by Bill Cash in the Daily Mail lays bare to absolute and totally corrupt EU and the corruption that is all to evident in our parliamentary system. The leader of our government has abandoned all pretence of fairness and is now openly trying to rig a referendum forced on him by that stalwart Nigel Farage

Bill Cash warned Margaret Thatcher in 1988 that Germany sought dominance of Europe via Brussels, Thatcher followed that two months later with her superb Bruges speech.

This speech was delivered 28 years ago

I challenge every and any youngster to listen and watch the whole video and then still decide to vote in.

They will see why Margaret Thatcher was the greatest Prime Minister in British history until she was stabbed in the back by Heseltine, How and Major.

After the video compare our present leader with her, he is nothing more than a pygmy followed by more pygmies. All of them sucking up to Germany and betraying all those who gave their lives away.

Thatcher talked about the flame of Liberty and how we fought dominance by anyone. Apart from our losses and those who fought beside us, she reminded the audience at Bruges how 127,000 Belgians also gave their lives. 

Everything she warned about in her speech has come about, democracy denied to us by an unelected European Commission. Bill Cash has made quite clear that America and it’s superficial friendliness, has actually been our enemy in far too many ways.

We must take back control

We must take back control 

Do not vote for traitors, this is our country.




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