EU is Bankrupt

It is we in Britain who will face the cost of helping EU basket cases. Cameron and Osborne said last time the following;

 ‘totally unacceptable’

Then they quietly pay the £1.7BILLION bill from Brussels.

This time they will do exactly the same thing. Now they are worried and are still trying to rig the election by extending the time for registering because of a glitch – Rubbish, it is because most of those who failed to register (and why there has been ample time) are youngsters. People who have no experience of being under a German dominated society.

A society which, if we vote to stay, will have at its head the banks and big business whose only motive is money.

Furthermore England will after a thousand year history, be wiped out.

Germany lost the war but will have one the battle and the scene for a civil war in England is set.



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