ITV joins Cameron on a scam

Imriel Morgan clearly felt pleased with herself by passing herself off as a invited questioner.

But wait a minute, she was in fact a plant who no intention of asking Farage a question. She was there to smear him with a race card. Was Cameron involved?

As for the ITV host, Julie Etchingham she too was clearly involved, because not once did she attempt to stop this tirade .

When will they learn not treat the public like fools. Cameron kept talking about little England, once again treating people with total disrespect, who don’t happen to share his totally biased views.

It is the little Englander that gave their lives so a duplicitous , untrustworthy and misleading politician can get up of his hind legs and run our country down.

The audience member who aimed a race-based tirade at UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage at last night’s ITV EU referendum debate is a Huffington post blogger and host of a “black Millenials” podcast, Breitbart London can reveal.
We don’t need a black movement in this country, blacks  have every opportunity, just like the white population does.
We don’t have a Klu Klux Klan in this country nor have ever placed people in the back of a bus. As for Imriel Morgan she did more damage to her race than Farage. She showed herself to be a total and utter hypocrite.

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