Ignore the referendum

France voted no to join the EU constitution with 55% against

The Dutch voted no with 66% against

Ireland voted no with 53.4% against

Despite this they all had to vote again because no wasn’t good enough. Who was it that said the EU were democratic.

They are not, they are a totalitarian undemocratic regime led by Germany

Pro – EU MPs are now planning to do the same thing. The EU and Cameron, our duplicitous Prime Minister and his accomplices have already worked out they can do the same thing here, even when they are telling people that it is they who will decide.

We are already seeing fraud under the electoral commission and you can bet that many of the postal votes will not be independent. We know that, how many can speak English and not only that they will do what the Mosques tell them to do. Let us face it our system is already corrupt.

Cameron and Merkel have already planned to ignore the results of the referendum. How low can this man be, he would make a snake look tall.

We don’t need the “Norway option” we want to get away from paying into the EU budget.

Stephen Kinnock is trying to defend it by saying there’s no democratic mandate for destroying the economy. What a hypocrite how does he know before the event that our economy will suffer. The truth is that his father, a failed politician sold his soul to the EU to the point where he sacked Marta Andreasen for nothing more than doing her job properly.

She informed Neil Kinnock  with claims that the EU’s 100bn euro (£69bn) budget was open to fraud and abuse. yet Neil Kinnock’s response was to suspend her and sack her. Like father like son.

We cannot and must not allow these people to take away our democratic right, and ignore the will of the people, to do this will elicit a violent response we have had enough of Cameron running down our economy to get his own way and this will be a step to far.

The indigenous population must come out in their millions and vote out.





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