Sky News and Ali

I watched the debate chaired by Faisal Islam on Sky News last night.

This is something I looked forward to, however I was more than disappointed by Faisal’s interview technique, and I use the word advisedly.

It descended into sheer harassment, he adopted the Labour technique of making sure that any question will be shouted over making sure the recipient has no time to answer. This was not an interview and nothing of interest could be taken from it.

Faisal was visibly exited, looking to the audience for support , he would do better to have listed to the audience afterwards and learned a few lessons; where sensible questions were asked.

Was he the best Sky News could come up during their interview for the job or was the interview not based on the best applicant.  

I watched Ali on the news this morning, as one who grew up with Cassius Marcellus Clay – – – Later Ali and watching him stagger around, you can say that life really isn’t very fair. He was a great boxer and boy could he move with his feet and dodge punches with his upper body and head.

Above all he brought a real sense of humour to what really is a violent sport. You know what they say ‘there will never be another one like him’ but in his case there never will be.


do you really want to give a 1,000 years of our democracy to the German Chancellor.


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