Threats and more threats

First we had Juncker giving us the evil sign, now we have Merkel the New Fourth Reich Chancellor telling us, the Brits that we would be punished by voting Brexit!!

Are we really going to have a German Chancellor threatening the British people. Cameron has lost no time in wheeling in foreign leaders to threaten us with hell and damnation if we don’t do what they say.

Cameron has brought shame on us by leading us into this degrading situation. He keeps telling us he is a patriot, if he is then he is a wretched  patriot, devoid of shame, heaping this humiliation upon the indigenous population. What a distasteful man he is.

Again Cameron has made it known that the input of migrants is a price worth paying to stay in the EU, what absolute arrogance. Tell that to those who cannot get a home, see a doctor or get the right school etc.

We have over 10,000 foreign prisoners in our jails and  6,000 foreign offenders walking the streets. There is a transfer deal with regard to EU prisoners which, would you believe doesn’t work. Cameron (like others) is protected and so is his family but what about the everyday person. What do you say to those affected by just a small minority of criminals.



Eduard Peticky, a Slovakian was jailed for life for abusing and trafficking children in Rotherham. He travelled to England in 2008 and was allowed to stay despite convictions for rape in his home country



Mustafa Abdullah was jailed for ten years for raping a pregnant woman at knifepoint. He was ordered to be deported but immigration judges refused saying it would breach his family rights



Gintas Burkinas, from Lithuania, walked into Britain after he was released from a ten-year jail term in his homeland. Within weeks, he raped a 31-year-old. He pleaded guilty to rape and grievous bodily harm and was sentenced to seven years.



Asylum seeker William Danga was jailed for ten years for raping a 16-year-old. After his release, the Congolese refugee, 40, raped two young girls while fighting deportation, and is now serving a 15-year sentence.

Cameron tries allay fears about these people saying that under the EU measures can be taken, he is of course a liar, which is why most of them are in jail, instead of them serving out their time in their own countries and other criminals, rapists, burglars, paedophiles, murderers  and truly violent criminals are walking our streets protected by the EU.

attack-web-thumbThis shows a very recent attack by a Somali Muslim trying to behead a passenger in the underground; this is where we are at.

 Our politicians have failed us in every way possible. This man got the passenger down and was trying to saw of his head!! and they wonder why there is Islamophobia.

This evil has been imported into a Christian Country by New Labour and Luvvie ideologists, we have become a dumping ground for Europe and other countries criminals and a host to Islam.

We have Buddhists, Hindu, Jewish and Sikh plus others in Great Britain today but all of our violence and problems come from Islam.  All of the others have lived quite amicably with our population.

 Wherever Islam goes, in whatever country it produces violent and insurmountable  problems. It is about time that they took a good look at themselves and see ‘the writing on the wall’ Islam simply cannot live anywhere without producing problems and that is why they should leave.


Cameron is leading us down the path to destruction whilst Merkel is nothing more a typical German Chancellor.

We must be in charge

Boris was absolutely right, and well we know it.

The German Chancellor is telling us to do what you are told to do, or else?

She is dangerous


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